Week 4 Assorted links

A Flower for Your Thoughts A short history of floriography.

The Rest Is History Sleep learning, Viking cat skeletons, and medicinal breast milk.

Oscar Wilde’s Radical Wit On laughter and thought in the famed writer’s essays

Whirlpool’s smart oven identifies your food and lets you watch it cook in real time via an internal camera

The human brain works backwards to retrieve memories

VIDEO- Growing Up Digital : Life in A World of Networks and Screens

VIDEO-Engineering Immortality: the End of Aging?

Erik Erikson knew that self-invention takes a lifetime

Men and women remember pain differently

Offices are too hot or too cold – is there a better way to control room temperature?

How do deaf or hard of hearing children learn to read?

Understanding of the equal sign in Grade 2 predicts later algebra skills

The key to our humanity isn’t genetic, it’s microbial

ALL MINUS ONE John Stuart Mill’s Ideas on Free Speech Illustrated

Macron Just Doesn’t Get It

Transcript and Audio – Tyler Cowen – How to Think About the Future & Life-Long Learning

The ABC of moral development: an attachment approach to moral judgment

Lots of plans to boost tax credits: which is best?

Without enough recognition, I might just leave: Relationships between extrinsic motivation, student burnout and withdrawal intentions

Nudge, Boost or Design? Limitations of behavioral policy under social interaction.

Great resource for Educating for Intellectual Virtues

Ford’s futurist, and city planners, try to see past the conventional car

Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong

The Moral Horror of America’s Prisons

How to Survive Solitary Confinement

Let’s not emphasize behavioral economics


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